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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My name is Vicky Kanis and I am a paper addict! There is no help for me. I love playing with paper and especially adding pictures to the mix. I am so excited to be part of the Design Team for the next 6 months. I feel out of my league with so many talented ladies but I'll do my best to keep up :-). I am not a professional but I have been exploring my addiction to paper for over 10 years. My mom, Linda, is also on the design team and we have been doing art projects together since I was small. She has always been involved in some type of art and my sister and I were always happy to see what she was working on and sometimes play along. We are also involved with another great group of ladies and we meet once a month to do paper art and make cards, scrapbook pages, embellishments, or whatever else inspires us.
I especially love doing scrapbook pages and most importantly, capturing those special memories I might forget (since my brain is a little foggy these days). I am married to a very patient husband who supports me and my hobby.
We have a 5 year old, Payton, (who is the subject of a lot of my pages) and another baby due in February.

I love making embellishments so I am a very slow scrapbooker. I keep finding something new I want to add to my page! I work as a tax accountant to support my addiction so I never seem to do as much as I'd like. I'm also an avid reader and carry my Nook everywhere so I can read whenever I have a spare moment.
I hope we can have some fun over the next several months and that I can help inspire you. I know I will be inspired with lots of new ideas from all of you. The best part of this hobby is sharing all the great things out there!


Ashley Horton said...

Great pages Vicky!! I am looking forward to working with you on the DT!! :)

Julie said...

Love your pages, Vicky!

Christina said...

very cute pages! Hey I'm a Nook carrier too...lol I am never without mine