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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Have You Ever Checked the Consignment Room?

My favorite thing at Scraphappy is new shipment day. But when the rush of orders from CHA is on, and it seems like F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to get the Scraphappy shipments, my next favorite place is the Consignment room.
Christy started the Consignment room to helps scrappers purge their stashes of stuff we customers no longer need. Perhaps we only used 2 buttons from the package, or bought a few too many of something. Bring it in, get a consignment number, mark your price and watch the store credit add up!!
I love shopping the consignment room. When Christy or Stephanie posts that the room has been restocked, I want to jump in the car and head over there. I can't always do that, usually I'm at work when they post. But I'm there as soon as I can get there!
I've found some great bargains and sold some great stuff also! I love getting store credit to use when the shipments come in. Recently I was in there right after a customer had "restocked" the room. It was embellishment HEAVEN! I took pictures of my haul to share with you. The first picture is an assortment of tags, brads, Thickers, stickers, flowers and rub ons. Some were never opened! 11, count 'em, 11 packs of Thicker alphas!!!!

This picture is of one of my favorite things to collect, 15 pages of 7 gypsies stickers! at 10 cents a piece, I consider them the best bargain that day, since some sheets only had one sticker missing!

All this for $13!!!!! I counted 31 packages, some never used, so they ended up being an average of 31 cents each! The most I paid for a package was $1, the least was 10 cents. Even only if I use a few of the letters, stickers or embellies, I'm coming out ahead. I can even repackage them and resell them in the consignment room.
A few tips for good sales are; make sure it's clean and reusable, keep it cheap, include orginal packaging if possible or bundle several items together.
So the next time you need a bit of retail therapy and you're low on cash, check out the consignment room. But if you are totally broke, purge your scrap stash of no longer needed stuff and earn some store credit!
What's your favorite consignment buy? best deal? What have you sold?

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