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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello Fall

As a native New Yorker you would think what I miss most about the Big City would be the people, the lights, shows, window shopping, the food....well I do kind of miss the food :)
But what I REALLY miss the most is FALL! Long Island and Upstate New York are absolutely breathtaking at this time of year. The colors of the changing leaves, the crispness in the air, oh it is so beautiful! SO...when I walked in Scraphappy and the first thing I saw was Little Yellow Bicycle's "Hello Fall!" paper I wanted to buy it all and wallpaper my house with it! But I refrained and contented myself to make the gorgeous projects shown here! With this paper anything you make comes out beautiful!
The Wreath is my favorite. You can come make one this Thursday night at Scraphappy! They are so much fun to make and so pretty hanging up!

Well, I was not done with this paper yet! I then went on to make this adorable Solo Shadow Box from 7 gypsies! Comes in black or white, which did not matter for the one I made because I covered it in some earthy brown paper that went so well with this Fall Paper!

Last but not least, I made some of these cute Halloween favors. One picture is showing it closed and the other is open showing some candy :) The Cute "Bat Boy" on the front is from My Little Shoebox, Monster Crossing paper. Isn't he cute! I just cut him out and glued him on. He could be like a "Flat Stanley" only we could call him "Flat Bat Boy". This little favor holds 6 pixie sticks just perfectly.

Hope you enjoyed my projects and they inspire to get "crafty"!



Ashley Horton said...

Great projects Nikki! I loved seeing the wreath in the store today! It's gorgeous!!

Neppie said...

Love all your projects Nikki. Really enjoyed making the wreath last night.