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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

Hi everyone! I am excited to show you another fun flower embellishment. I know I showed you a flower technique last time too, but I just can't help myself. I love flowers! It's a good thing I'm having a second daughter so I can do even more girly embellishments.
For this flower, you will need a scrap of paper, scissors, tweezers and glue. This is a great flower to make when you're finished making a scrapbook page, mini album or other project. You always have some leftover scraps and you can add a little something special to your finished project.
Cut a circle from your scrap of paper. It doesn't have to be perfectly round as you can see from mine! At this point, you can also ink the circle, wad it up and wrinkle it or any other distressing you'd like. It really adds to the finished product. The size of your circle determines the size of your flower.
Next, cut the circle into a spiral shape as shown below. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect! This is my kind of flower because I do not like to measure! Changing the width of your spiral will completely change the look of your flower. Play around with different widths and see which ones you like the best. After you've cut your spiral, use your tweezers to hold onto the end. Start twirling the paper around and around the tweezers.

You will end up with your flower shape. Put some glue (I prefer tacky glue) at the bottom of your flower to hold the shape.

Its best to use double sided paper with these flowers because both sides will show.
Below is the finished product. I also added some leaves and paper curls to accent. I will probably also add some stickles to the finished product because I just can't leave them alone! ;-)
This is also a sneak peak of part of my table decorations for our November Thanksgiving table at Scraphappy. We are making an entire place setting out of paper! I will give you a hint at what this is - I made it out of a can and it's going to do double-duty! Come see us next month for all the fun ideas for your holiday table!

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