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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Contest winner...

So, we included 4 additional numbers for the emailers who couldnt figure out how to comment on the blog, and then we drew one number. The number we drew is lucky number: 3 !!!

And here's the third comment:


:Jayne said...
I've seen the i-top in action, it rocks!! It's on my list of things to get! So is the Crate Paper. But my favorite is the new T!M Holtz stamps and crackle paint! I always love some new T!M!


Now I know this has to be Jayne S. due to the Tim reference!! Congrats Miss Jayne, come on by for your gift certificate! Yay!

You guys listed some of the cutest new stuff!!! We have already pre-ordered all of the I-Top stuff, and we will be ordering all sorts of the new products beginning this week! Any specific requests other than what you guys already commented on, send me a quick email and I will be sure to add it to "The List" :)

I will keep posting here as it comes in!

I was searching for a pic on my camera that had ANYTHING to do with this post, but, I cannot find one! So here's one just for fun!!!!!!! Have a good weekend everybody!


1 comment:

:Jayne said...

Wooo HOOOO! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to spend it!