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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scor Pal and Copic Markers

If anyone is interested in placing an order, we are ordering from Scor Pal and Copic next week.

SCOR-PAL-is to the card maker what the paper trimmer is to the scrapbooker!

The slightly textured scoring surface is 12" x 12", with a raised fence at the top (ruler markings) and on the left and right side. This aligns your paper for perfect scoring. No more crooked cards! Grooves are across the board at different intervals. Besides the normal 1/2" and 1" intervals there are grooves at 2 1/8" for gate fold cards, at 4 1/4" for normal A2 cards, and at 3.666" and 7.333" for brochure folding (divides 11" paper into equal thirds) When you place your card stock on the scoring surface, you are able to do multiple scores without moving the paper. Grid cards, accordion folds, boxes etc are scored in seconds. The score lines result in crisp, accurate folds! At the 0 to 1" mark and 11" to 12" mark there are 1/8" markings. By proper paper placement this will allow you to score 1/8 " increments such as 1 7/8" The included scoring tool snaps into place at the top of the unit. It is always at hand. It has been specially designed to fit the grooves so the card stock can not be torn while scoring. Additional scoring tools can be ordered separately. Perfect tool for straight and diagonal line embossing on cards and scrapbook pages!

Copic Markers will be ordered in singles and sets.

Call to find out more, we can take credit card info over the phone.

We will be carrying these products in the store now, but they will be ordered in limited supplies at first, so it's a good idea to pre order what you want to ensure it is ordered just for you!

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