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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How about some more...... FLOWERS ?  You can never get enough... right!

These flowers are quick and easy and can be made any size. These pictured are 3 1/2, 3 and 2 inches in diameter. Start by loosely (and I mean loosely, they don't have to be perfect) tearing three circles, small medium and large from paper or card stock.

Then tear the largest and the medium circle into a five petal shape flowers as pictured below.  This too, does not have to be prefect.
  Use distress ink on both the back and the front of each one.
    Take the largest and the medium flower shape a gently roll each petal around a pencil to shape the petals, shown in the picture below. Add a brad or embellishment to the center of the smallest circle

Just play with the petals pushing them up and rolling on a pencil ever more if need be. I freehand cut some leaves or you could just use the Cricut.

I like to mount them on foam square and add the to a scrapbook page or for even more fun......
Come in the store and see what the design team has done with flowers for our Thanksgiving table settings.
Happy crafting, Linda


:Jayne said...

Those are too stinkin' cute!!!
I'm feeling inspired!

Just a Few Designs said...

cute flowers!