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Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Light Switch/Outlet Plates using Washi Tape!!

So.. I MAY have gone a little washi-tape happy over the weekend! This was such a simple, yet fun, little project to do that makes such a difference in a room!!!

First of all, you'll need your favorite washi tape colors!
As you can see, my favorite are the bright green and pinks.. love love love them!
Scraphappy carries all different colors. Each color comes with 2 different patterned 
rolls, for only $3.99!

Then you must decide what pattern you want to lay your washi tape.
Luckily, washi tape lifts up sooo easily without tearing! I must have pulled these pieces of tape up 15 times. I couldn't decide if I wanted this light switch as a chevron, or diagonal pattern.. Finally I just went with a horizontal. I used black in between just to give it a little extra "UMPH"! :)

Last, I used an exact-o knife to cut out a little hole for the switch. I found that by making a little "X" cut inside the opening was the easiest.. All you have to do is fold over the extra pieces and VOILA!

I told ya that I went a little washi-tape crazy..

I may or may not have done every switch in our store. :P

Enjoy!!! What are some of your favorite washi tape projects??

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