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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

Often I see really cute buttons in the store. But since I don’t sew anymore, what can justify their purchase? Sometimes just one or two buttons add the right touch to a card or page. Other times the buttons make the page, like the buttons on this pink and turquoise page. These two photos lacked any real spunk but I wanted to memorialize the moment of Jas and her Aunt Jen. The array of multi-colored buttons filled the empty space. Some have colorful twine running through the holes, some are left empty and some have no visible holes. The variety of shapes, shades and types makes this a really great page.

The swimming alligator card didn’t look finished even with the fun scrap. The buttons were the perfect touch and brought out the color from the paper. This one has the orange and white twine used as a tiny bow instead of running through the buttons. I tend to like a set of 3, either all the same size and color or a variety of sizes, shapes and color. There’s no real rule. What appeals to you for each project may vary.                     
These adorable little fish buttons are the perfect color highlight to this Jillibean papers. By hanging them from colorful twine to simulate fishing line, they add a punch of fun and color while giving the page a theme.  This page is on display at Scraphappy if you want a closer look.


I had a blank spot on this card and the buttons were the perfect filler. These buttons have a tiny hole in the top for little brads to offer the appearance that the buttons are hanging. Too cute! The little round buttons have letters inscribed and are used to highlight the theme of the card, “sew”.

The little pumpkin button on this fall card was just the thing to offer a punch of color and spotlight the pumpkin stand. It adds extra fun to an otherwise “nice” page. Two small scraps of paper, some fall stickers, a colored stamped, image and the button = a really special card.

Next time you see buttons in an interesting color or shape, put your imagination to work and add them to your project. It will be cute as a button.



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