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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick and Easy Recycled Decor for your little one's room!

So this week I have been giving my 8 year old daughter's room a "makeover" with a new paint color and new carpet. She is going from the pink-and-purple-Hannah Montana-Disney-priness phase to the turquoise-and-lime green-peace sign-butterfly phase.

This started as one of those wooden pictures, I think it was one of those Anne Geddes baby pics, a baby in a basket or something, which she said that she didnt want anymore. She chose a patterned paper that she liked, one of the Glitz designs Hoopla papers. The foam letters my mom found at a thrift store last week, and they just so happened to spell her name! Those are just hot glued on, we added some bling and flowers, painted the edges of the picture with a little black paint, and there you go!

The little cards on the bottom left and the wooden banner at the top are from the new Soiree line we got in. The banner is glimmer-misted with Cosmos pink, then we added random buttons and bling. We used thumbtacks to stick a black ribbon on the back and tied into a huge bow to hang the picture from.

The whole project literally only took an hour max, and it was made with all things we already had, with the exception of the foam letters. A great way to let them make something crafty that expresses their own unique personality!

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